Zoomable Focus Led Track Light Architecture Commercial Hanging Magnetic Led Track Light

አጭር መግለጫ:

ብራንድ ስም:VOC Lighting
ሞዴል ቁጥር:Magnetic System Series
ፋኖስ አካል የቁሳዊ:Aluminum Alloy
Base Type:Other
CRI (ውጭ>):80
የግቤት ቮልቴጅ(V):DC48V
ፋኖስ ለተስፋፋ የደምዋም(lm):400(5W)

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የምርት ማብራሪያ

ብራንድ ስም: VOC Lighting
ሞዴል ቁጥር: Magnetic System Series
ፋኖስ አካል የቁሳዊ: Aluminum Alloy
Base Type: Other
CRI (ውጭ>): 80
የግቤት ቮልቴጅ(V): DC48V
ፋኖስ ለተስፋፋ የደምዋም(lm): 400(5W)
ዋስ(አመት): 2-YEAR
የስራ Lifetime(ሰአት): 30000
LED መብራት ምንጭ: COB
Luminous Efficacy(lm / ወ): 80
Power: 7W/15W
Voltage: DC24V/DC48V
Function: Magnetic System Series
Light source: COB
ቁሳቁስ: Aluminum Housing
ዋስ: 2 years
CCT: 2700 3000 4000 5000 6000
Installation: Surface Suspension Recessed
Dimmable: Dimmable Optional
Housing color: White Silver Black


DIY Multiple Installation Methods Free Combination


Different color temperature Meet different needs


1. 24RHS online service call 0086-15875705567
2. RTS service (ship within 15 days)
3. የኦሪጂናል ዕቃ እቃ & ODM አገልግሎት (CAD & 3D drawing to start)
4. ኤስ.ዲ.ዲ. & CKD service (light faxtures + les chip + driver seperately)



Q:Where is your factory?
አንድ:Our factory is located in Xiya Industrial Zone, Songgang ታውን, Nanhai Dist., Foshan, ቻይና. Our factory has over 20 years experience of producing Led lighting and aluminum hardware, welcome Video communications or come to visit us!

Q:Can you provide some samples?
አንድ:Are they free? አዎ, we provide free samples, you just need to pay the delivery fee.

Q:Is it OK to print my logo on light?
አንድ:አዎ. But there is MOQ 1000pcs if make customer’s logo.

Q:Do you offer guarantee for the products?
አንድ:አዎ, we offer 2-3years warranty to our products.

Q:How long does goods ship after place the order?
አንድ:Normally it takes about 15-20 days depends on the quantity, product’s type, and your customized demand

Q:What kind of payment does your factory accept?
አንድ:We accept T/T, LC at sight, Paypal and Western Union. T/T 30% as deposit and balance should be paid before shipment.

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