Характеристики на LED енергоспестяващи лампи релсови

LED energy-saving track light is a track light with LED as the light source, alias: LED светлина на пистата.
It is a kind of track light, widely used in shopping malls (cosmetics, shoes, bags, clothing and other brand stores), car displays, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, museums, museums, chain stores, Brand business halls, professional display windows, counters and other key lighting places are ideal light sources to replace traditional tungsten halogen lamps and metal halide lamps. With the continuous development of electronic technology, there are endless new styles on the market, with different shapes and flexibility.
Details of LED energy saving track lights.

но ярко оцветените лампи не могат да бъдат толкова силни, колкото яркостта на източника на светлина, the characteristics of track lights:
1.High-quality aluminum housing, better heat dissipation, less light decay, longer life;
2.No radiation, няма замърсяване с тежки метали, excellent performance, pure and rich colors, high brightness, high efficiency optical lens, small light loss, good illuminance;
3, high power transformer, perfect combination of lamps, appliances, light sources;
4, lightweight and simple, streamlined design, beautiful and generous, easy to install and replace.
5, energy saving and durable (power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary white flag lights, but the life can be extended more than 100 times). The production of ordinary 70W metal halide is now reduced from 70W to 10W.
6. The shell is heat-resistant, and it is safer than traditional halogen lamps for a long time.
7, wide voltage constant current circuit, без трептене, stable and reliable performance.
8. Dust-proof, insect-proof, not easy to deform, light angle 15 °
9, can be directly installed lighting. The color rendering number is high, and the color rendering index R is generally about 80.

време: 2019-12-11


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