Na čem záleží nejvíce, když výběru výškový světla

High efficacy isn’t the only factor one should consider when selecting a high bay, but it certainly is a major part of the decision process.

LED technology and fixtures are in a mode of continuous performance improvement. The bar continues to rise on the performance of LED packages, drivers and fixtures. As a result of these perpetual improvements, we decided to crunch some data in a valiant quest to discover the lighting industry’s most efficacious LED high bay fixtures.

Efficacy is certainly an important consideration when selecting fixtures of nearly any type. But it should not be the sole consideration. Just like price, aesthetics, installation-ease, quality, warranty, manufacturer reputation and other factors are not typically the sole reason to decide on a fixture, efficacy is simply one measure of many when lighting decision makers evaluate their options. The decision makers determine how much importance and weight to apply to the efficacy factor in comparison to the other important considerations.

It should also be noted that there are often trade-offs to achieving high efficacy. Light distribution, glare, diode image, visual comfort and other factors may be negatively affected in fixtures with ultra-high efficacy. The best manufacturers have found effective ways to maximize efficacy while minimizing the impact of those potentially negative drawbacks. By nature, high bay fixtures are often mounted at 15′ – 40′ heights, so negative side effects that reduce visual comfort are usually acccepted and tolerated.

Čas zveřejnění: 2019-12-04


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