Track Light And Its Advantages

When people hear the word “Track Lighting” they instantly think of big, bulky, ugly track heads. Those days are gone. There are 100’s of decorative track heads available for different types of tracks. There are 3 systems of track lighting.

You have your basic standard track which mounts flush against your ceiling. Monorail or a single steel rail is the more updated and decorative version. Cable, or two steel wires is cool, but more popular in commercial settings.

All of these can have decorative heads instead of your ordinary “big ugly” track heads. Track heads are available in LED, Incandescent, low voltage Halogen, and even Fluorescent. Below are examples of track lighting, but you can really personalize track with any color and style.

Yale's Showroom is all LED track, because we are always moving products and displays. Track is flexible, adaptable and easier to install than recessed. Also, for post and beam construction or shallow ceilings, track is your only choice.

Other advantages of track lighting:
1. Great for high ceilings, concrete or cement ceilings, and post and beam ceilings
2. Can be dropped lower with a stem and power extender
3. You can hang pendants from tracks with the appropriate adapter
4. Gives you more flexibility on rotating the lights
5. Create a cool and decorative lighting system

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Post time: 2019-10-23


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