Onko keittiön valaistus helppo huomioimatta?, on kotisi oikein tehty?

Olohuone ja makuuhuone kotiympäristössä herättävät paljon huomiota, mutta todelliset ammattivalaisinsuunnittelijat kiinnittävät enemmän huomiota keittiön valaistussuunnitteluun. The design and layout of the kitchen need to follow people’s safety and healthy vision! Valosuunnittelu ei voi vain auttaa meitä valmistamaan paremmin, mutta tuo myös esiin erilaisia ​​keittiötunnelmia.
Sitten, LED-alasvalojen ja muiden valaisimien valinta on avain, to meet people’s psychological needs and the comfort of the operator as the ultimate goal! Ja avaruusalueen ja suunnittelun erityisympäristön mukaan, LED-alasvaloilla ja muilla lampuilla on miellyttävä kontrasti , Kohtalainen!

1. Change the tradition of single-light source
At present, most kitchens do only have overall lighting, often only one ceiling light. But to meet the lighting of the console, the lighting of the cabinets and the lighting of the ground, a single-ceiling lamp is far from enough.
Modern kitchen lighting needs to abandon the previous tradition of single light source and adopt customized lighting for its own kitchen. Basic lighting (LED downlight) 、auxiliary lighting (light belt) and local lighting (LED spotlight) is a wise choice.
2. Choose a comfortable white light source
As a cooking place, the kitchen is not suitable for using too many gorgeous or too warm lights. According to the research of foreign lighting experts, choosing white light can not only make the sense of taste sensitive, but also make the space appear cleaner.

Siksi, it is recommended that kitchen LED lamps choose lamps of about 4000k, and the color rendering index reaches above 85, so that the color of food can be more realistic.
The lamps in the kitchen are not only used for lighting, but also affect the convenience of cooking, so pay attention to the following 5 points when choosing the appropriate kitchen lamp:
1) Light brightness
Choose the combination of basic lighting and local lighting to avoid accidents when the brightness is too low to see the tool clearly. High-power LED downlights provide overall light, and then according to the placement of the stove, with LED spotlights or wall lights that are partially illuminated, the light will greatly reduce shadows from all directions.
2) Recessed lamps
Ceiling lights are not focused, only scattered light, so it is not suitable for installation in the kitchen.
3) Lamps in lockers
If the storage cabinet is deep but no LED lamps are installed, it is inconvenient when picking up things. It is best to install LED spotlights in the cabinet.
4) Moisture proof
The kitchen often has water vapor. When selecting LED lamps, it must have a moisture-proof function to prevent the risk of explosion due to too much water vapor. During normal use, a dry cloth is often used to wipe the lamp, not only to keep it clean, but also to extend its life.
5) Oil proof

The selected LED lamps should be oil-proof, so as to avoid the oil fumes from cooking for a long time contaminating the lamp and affecting the lighting effect. When installing lamps such as LED downlights, they should be as far away from the stove as possible to avoid direct pollution of the lamps and fumes.

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