Choosing The Right Type For Your Retail Store

Retail ownership involves many important decisions, and perhaps one of the most important decisions involves the space itself. Lighting is a big part of a retail space – choosing the right type of lighting options for your retail store is so important to ensure products are properly highlighted, shadows are minimized, and levels of direct light exposure provide a proper environment for certain products.

A Closer Look at Our Options for Retail Lighting

Lighting options are often categorized by four primary types of lighting: general, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. The main source of lighting for a retail store is often identified as general lighting; it ensures a warm, comfortable, inviting environment is created while ensuring enough lighting covers all corners of the shop. Task lighting is more focused lighting; it illuminates certain areas or has a specific task, such as store entrances, checkout areas and dressing rooms. Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas or displays, allowing store owners to create focal points around specific products. The last type is decorative lighting – this is less functional and more aesthetics.

The Role of Track Lighting

LED track lighting provides options for a number of purposes in a retail space. Track lighting is set up where in-light fixtures are attached to a track with electrical conductors installed. Coming in different designs, colors and styles, it is ideal for many types of retail space. It is lighting technology that can provide so many options without the need of numerous separate lighting systems: it can provide overall general lighting throughout the space, or, by focusing the specific lights on the track, you can create task or accent lighting — beyond this, you can change the areas of focus when desired. When it comes to track lighting, you can even rely on it having some decorative value, now with all the options that are currently available. You can observe these options at Alcon Lighting.

Track lighting has only have one central location for the attachment of lights, they don’t take up a lot of space. The basic track is usually made of metal, and for those who like to change around the look of their lighting structures, with consideration for cost and efficiency, interchangeable light sets can be purchased to create a personal touch. LED track lighting is known for its easy installation; it often provides a better lighting reach as well as more decorative options, as noted above. And the LED track lighting decreases light replacement costs and uses less energy.

Recap of benefits:

Versatile in designs, colors, and styles

Versatile in application location

Versatile in angle

Versatile and interchangeable

Post time: 2019-12-06

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