• Prinsip sorotan LED

    Let’s talk about the principle of LED spotlights today.A spotlight is light that is collected by a condenser lens or a reflector. The point light type of the reflector lamp is relatively simple, with strong illuminance, narrow illuminating range, and easy to focus on specific areas in the scene. It is the most used lamp in studios and studios. The…
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  • Fitur dan keunggulan led light light bar

    Features and advantages of LED hard light bar: 1. Using high-quality and high-brightness LED as the light source, konsumsi daya yang rendah, no heat, bright colors, long life. 2.DC24V DC input, IC constant current drive, energy saving more than 70%. 3. Using high light transmission PC cover, high color rendering index, restore the true color of items 4. High heat dissipation…
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  • Apakah Anda tahu apa perbedaan antara lampu sorot dan lampu downlight?

    Perbedaan antara lampu sorot dan lampu downlight: 1. Saat memasang lampu pijar, itu adalah lampu kuning. Saat memasang lampu hemat energi, jenis bohlam bisa berupa lampu putih atau lampu kuning. Arah sumber cahaya downlight plafon tidak dapat diatur. Lampu sorot rumah tangga umum menggunakan lampu kuarsa, atau manik-manik lampu. Tentu saja, large spotlights…
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  • Apakah pencahayaan dapur mudah diabaikan, apakah rumahmu benar?

    The living room and bedroom in the home environment will attract much attention, but the real professional lighting designers will pay more attention to the kitchen lighting design. The design and layout of the kitchen need to follow people's safety and healthy vision! Lighting design can not only help us cook better, but also bring out different kitchen atmospheres. Kemudian,
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  • Bagaimana memilih lampu terowongan LED?

    LED tunnel lights are the first choice for tunnel lighting at present. Most of the new tunnels use LED light source tunnel lights, and the old tunnel lighting transformation is basically selected LED tunnel lights. Nowadays, the quality of LED tunnel lights on the market is very different, and the price is of course much different. For customers, how to…
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  • Bagaimana memilih lampu kamar mandi?

    When decorating the bathroom, many owners like to use bright and brightly colored lamps, but the brightly colored lamps cannot be as strong as the brightness of the light source, but the light source in the bathroom should not be too strong, otherwise the bathroom needs privacy, Tentu saja, privacy should not be too "illuminated", and it will also make…
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  • Pengetahuan dasar tentang light bar yang kaku

    Definition:LED hard light refers to the assembly of LED chips on the PCB hard board, and because its shape resembles a strap, it is called a led hard light bar. Assembly form: LED rigid light bar adopts PCB as the circuit board, uses LED patch to assemble, or uses in-line assembly, there is a difference between the two: the patch…
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  • Bagaimana memilih pencahayaan industri berkualitas tinggi?

    1. Lamp Efficiency Indoor lighting rarely uses a single light source to illuminate. Usually, the light source is placed in the lamp. After the light source is placed in the lamp, the light output of the lamp is lower than that of the single light source. The ratio of the two is called the lamp efficiency. The high efficiency of…
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  • Apakah Anda tahu jenis lampu jalan?

    Types of street lightsStreet lamps refer to lamps that provide lighting to roads, and generally refer to lamps within the range of road lighting in traffic lighting. Its installation location is common on one or both sides of the road. Usually refers to one of a series of discrete lights that are mounted on a pole and separated along…
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  • Cara memasang lampu track?

    Untuk pemasangan lampu sorot track, perlu memasang rel pemandu di langit-langit terlebih dahulu. Selain rel panduan, aksesori pemasangan lampu sorot trek juga memiliki kepala sambungan. Rel umum memiliki tiga jenis: rel dua kawat, rel tiga kawat dan rel empat kawat, dan ada banyak jenis kepala sambungan, seperti + Tipe, T…
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  • Apakah Anda tahu skenario aplikasi lampu track?

    From the decoration to the lamp, we usually choose the traditional chandelier, and now more and more designers are using track lights. As the name implies, track lights are lights that are installed on a similar track, and the angle of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily. They are generally used as spot lights in places where key lighting is required.…
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  • Apa jenis gaya perbaikan rumah ini cocok untuk downlight dipimpin

    There are many kinds of home improvement styles, and everyone's preferences are different. The style can be varied and the choices can be different, but any kind of decoration method is indispensable for the use of lighting equipment. With the development of technology The lighting fixtures are also constantly improving, especially the LED lighting fixtures, the effect is better, so…
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