Bagaimana memilih lampu kamar mandi?

When decorating the bathroom, many owners like to use bright and brightly colored lamps, but the brightly colored lamps cannot be as strong as the brightness of the light source, but the light source in the bathroom should not be too strong, otherwise the bathroom needs privacy, Tentu saja, privacy should not be tooilluminated”, and it will also make people who were originally relaxed become a little nervous. Karena itu, in the decoration of toilets and bathrooms, the following points should be noted when assembling lamps:

First, regardless of the size of your bathroom space, you can choose to install a simple wall lamp, which will not only bring enough light source, but also will not cause too much harm to people. A downlight is installed on the basin, toilet, bathtub, and shower, so that each key part can have a gentle and bright light. In this way, there is no need to install a special ceiling light.
Second, if the bathroom space is relatively small, you can install the lamp in the middle of the ceiling, so that the light is divergent, and the space will be larger visually. If it is a large-area bathroom, you can install a downlight above the bathtub and washbasin, and a makeup lamp around the mirror, which looks elegant and soft. The lighting fixture of the bathroom mirror should be installed above the eyes, and the symmetrical arrangement of the left and right is better. Sebagai tambahan, the lamps must have good water resistance. The appearance shape and color can be selected according to your own interests and hobbies, but it must be coordinated with the overall layout.

Third, toilets and bathrooms are one of the private spaces in our homes. Karena itu, when we arrange the bathroom, we should not only have a reasonable function, but also a reasonable match between the light source and the color. In the choice of lamp type, generally, the incandescent lamp is generally selected as a whole, and an independent lighting lamp can be provided next to the makeup mirror. Some families will install small spotlights in the bathroom. Although they are beautiful, the spotlights are slightly less waterproof and are only suitable for bathroom space with dry and wet separation.

waktu posting: 2020-04-27

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