Қосымша Дизайн факторлар Track жарық туралы ескеру керек қандай?

The intended application of your track lighting largely dictates the specific type of components and layout that are best for your home.

However, there are a few additional design factors to keep in mind that will help you further customize the individual look of your lighting.

  1. Materials

The range of materials used for track lighting varies wildly. Though tracks and heads are often made from real metal like stainless steel or bronze, synthetic materials like plastic are most common. It’s important to note that not only do the materials used need to be strong, but they should also be heat resistant as well.

An expert tip to finding the best material is to take a cue from the other types of finishes used in that room. For example, track lights in a kitchen look great when they match the handles on cabinetry and doors.

  1. Color and Finish

The material you choose will largely dictate the color and finish of your fixtures. The most common colors and finishes used for this style of lighting include white, black, bronze, nickel, and chrome.

However, the options are nearly limitless. Painted tracks and heads come in almost any color you can imagine. Other unique options include track lighting that looks like a tree branch.

  1. Shades

Most track heads come with a built-in shade. However, certain heads are available where a custom shade can be added. The goal of a track head shade is decoration. Select one that matches the overall style of the room the light fixture is in. Common options for track light shades are frosted glass, amber glass, Tiffany glass, champagne glass, and colored glass.

  1. Size and Dimensions

How big do you want your set up to be?

As mentioned above, most tracks are available in lengths of 4 feet or 8 feet. The size of each track head can also be customized to your personal preferences.

  1. Layout and Number of Lights

How many lights do you need? How do you want them set up?

The layout and number of lights you choose for your new lighting fixture play a significant role in its overall effectiveness. A different plan is ideal for ambient lighting while a completely different layout works best for task lighting or accent lighting.

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Post time: 2019-12-24

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