• LED 스포트라이트의 원리

    Let’s talk about the principle of LED spotlights today.A spotlight is light that is collected by a condenser lens or a reflector. 반사경 램프의 포인트 라이트 유형은 상대적으로 간단합니다., 강한 조도로, 좁은 조명 범위, 장면의 특정 영역에 쉽게 집중할 수 있습니다.. 스튜디오와 스튜디오에서 가장 많이 사용되는 램프입니다.. The…
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  • 지도 된 단단한 표시 등 막대의 특징 그리고 이점

    Features and advantages of LED hard light bar: 1. Using high-quality and high-brightness LED as the light source, low power consumption, no heat, bright colors, 장수. 2.DC24V DC input, IC constant current drive, energy saving more than 70%. 3. Using high light transmission PC cover, high color rendering index, restore the true color of items 4. High heat dissipation…
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  • 스포트라이트와 다운 라이트의 차이점이 무엇인지 아십니까?

    스포트라이트와 다운 라이트의 차이점: 1. 백열등을 설치할 때, 노란 불이야. 에너지 절약 램프를 설치할 때, 전구의 유형은 백색광 또는 황색 광일 수 있습니다.. 천장 다운 라이트의 광원 방향을 조정할 수 없습니다.. 일반 가정용 스포트라이트는 석영 전구를 사용합니다., 또는 램프 비즈. 물론이야, large spotlights…
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  • 주방 조명을 간과하기 쉽습니다, 당신의 집은 올바르게 만들어 졌습니까?

    가정 환경의 거실과 침실은 많은 관심을 끌 것입니다, 그러나 실제 전문 조명 디자이너는 부엌 조명 디자인에 더 많은 관심을 기울일 것입니다.. The design and layout of the kitchen need to follow people's safety and healthy vision! 조명 디자인은 요리를 더 잘하는 데 도움이 될뿐만 아니라, 뿐만 아니라 다른 주방 분위기를 가져옵니다. 그때,
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  • LED 터널 조명을 선택하는 방법?

    LED tunnel lights are the first choice for tunnel lighting at present. Most of the new tunnels use LED light source tunnel lights, and the old tunnel lighting transformation is basically selected LED tunnel lights. Nowadays, the quality of LED tunnel lights on the market is very different, and the price is of course much different. For customers, how to…
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  • 화장실 조명을 선택하는 방법?

    When decorating the bathroom, many owners like to use bright and brightly colored lamps, but the brightly colored lamps cannot be as strong as the brightness of the light source, but the light source in the bathroom should not be too strong, otherwise the bathroom needs privacy, 물론이야, privacy should not be too "illuminated", and it will also make…
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  • 강성 라이트 바에 대한 기본 지식

    Definition:LED hard light refers to the assembly of LED chips on the PCB hard board, and because its shape resembles a strap, it is called a led hard light bar. Assembly form: LED rigid light bar adopts PCB as the circuit board, uses LED patch to assemble, or uses in-line assembly, there is a difference between the two: the patch…
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  • 고품질 산업용 조명을 선택하는 방법?

    1. Lamp Efficiency Indoor lighting rarely uses a single light source to illuminate. Usually, the light source is placed in the lamp. After the light source is placed in the lamp, the light output of the lamp is lower than that of the single light source. The ratio of the two is called the lamp efficiency. The high efficiency of…
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  • 가로등의 종류를 알고 있습니까?

    Types of street lightsStreet lamps refer to lamps that provide lighting to roads, and generally refer to lamps within the range of road lighting in traffic lighting. Its installation location is common on one or both sides of the road. Usually refers to one of a series of discrete lights that are mounted on a pole and separated along…
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  • 트랙 조명을 설치하는 방법?

    For the installation of track spotlights, it is necessary to install the guide rails on the ceiling first. In addition to the guide rails, the installation accessories of the track spotlights also have connection heads. Common rails have three types: two-wire rails, three-wire rails and four-wire rails, and there are many types of connection heads, such as + type, T…
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  • 트랙 라이트의 적용 시나리오를 알고 있습니까?

    From the decoration to the lamp, we usually choose the traditional chandelier, and now more and more designers are using track lights. As the name implies, track lights are lights that are installed on a similar track, and the angle of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily. They are generally used as spot lights in places where key lighting is required.…
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  • LED 다운 라이트에 적합한 주택 개선 스타일

    There are many kinds of home improvement styles, and everyone's preferences are different. The style can be varied and the choices can be different, but any kind of decoration method is indispensable for the use of lighting equipment. With the development of technology The lighting fixtures are also constantly improving, especially the LED lighting fixtures, the effect is better, so…
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