5W 7W 10W 18W ຮອບການຄ້າແລະ Square Square Trimless LED Downlight Recessed ເຮັດໃຫ້ມີແສງໄຟເຍືອງທາງ


ຊື່ແບ: VOC

ຈຳ ນວນຕົວແບບ: DL-TMS15W

ແຫລ່ງແສງສະຫວ່າງ: ໄຟ LED

Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch




Highlight cob chip
High brightness, uniform light, no stray light

Aluminum Radiator
Efficient heat dissipation, strong and durable
ຊື່ແບ: VOC
ຈຳ ນວນຕົວແບບ: DL-TMS15W
ຄວນ (ອອກ>): 80
ແຮງດັນຂາເຂົ້າ(ວ): 220-240ວ
ໂຄມໄຟລອຍ(ທ): 3600
ຮັບປະກັນ(ປີ): 2-ປີ
ການເຮັດວຽກຕະຫຼອດຊີວິດ(ຊົ່ວໂມງ): 20000
Power: 12-15W
ແຫຼ່ງແສງໄຟ LED: COB chip
Multiple styles
Different color temperature Meet different needs


Q:Where is your factory?
ກ:Our factory is located in Xiya Industrial Zone, Songgang ເມືອງ, Nanhai Dist., Foshan, ຈີນ. Our factory has over 20 years experience of producing Led lighting and aluminum hardware, welcome Video communications or come to visit us!

Q:Can you provide some samples?
ກ:Are they free? Yes, we provide free samples, you just need to pay the delivery fee.

Q:Is it OK to print my logo on light?
ກ:Yes. But there is MOQ 1000pcs if make customer’s logo.

Q:Do you offer guarantee for the products?
ກ:Yes, we offer 2-3years warranty to our products.

Q:How long does goods ship after place the order?
ກ:Normally it takes about 15-20 days depends on the quantity, product’s type, and your customized demand

Q:What kind of payment does your factory accept?
ກ:We accept T/T, LC at sight, Paypal and Western Union. ທ / ທ 30% as deposit and balance should be paid before shipment.




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