Down Light, Spot Light, Track Light, Using Right To Make Your Home Good

Choose a light is a link that cannot be absent in decorating, some can plan to highlight oneself, some give stylist to be in now household life, light already is the effect that bears illume not only, still had built atmosphere, make the finishing point effect how to choose a light correctly?

  1. Reduce glare and increase brightness

light light is downy the overbearing feeling that does not break force, however, such contradictory two groups word, it is the first law that lives in light to design precisely: reduce dazzle, increase brightness.

  1. 2.choose the lights and lanterns with shading Angle around 45°

lights with a shading Angle of less than 30° will produce a large brightness and glare piercing to the human eye. One of the criteria to judge the quality of a light design: shading Angle 45° or above.

  1. If the ceiling is mounted with embedded lights, the height of the lights shall not be too high.

If the height of embedded dark installation lights is higher than 10cm, it is not recommended to install, it requires a thicker ceiling, the conventional 2.8m height can be suspended, but not thick, so the height of lights within 7cm is appropriate.

  1. If the ceiling is not suspended, use light fixtures.

Suspended ceiling, lights and lanterns for Ming installed, it must have a beautiful appearance. Do a good job of the light, do a good job of the appearance level again, it is high-grade lights and lanterns, lights and lanterns are a soft outfit in the eye of stylist, architect, bear in mind not to be careless, concern taste directly. We have to remember: turn on the light, turn off the light.

  1. Pay attention to the power

The tube that has beam Angle, shoot a light, the regular family chooses power in 7-12 watts if be bigger space can choose more high-powered lights and lanterns. From the perspective oflight”, there is no obvious boundary between downlight and spotlight. It is more professional to plan the application with the degree of beam angle than the two terms of downlight and spotlight. It can choose according to actual needwide beam Angleornarrow beam Anglelight, will build atmosphere.

  1. Choose brand lights with stable optical quality

lights and lanterns have too much light quality, try to avoid parameter tuning. For branded lights, VOCEL is a worthy choice.

Grasp above principle, consider the routine of family move line, observe the shading Angle of everywhere, fine-tune lights and lanterns direction, control the proportion of direct illume and indirect illume, do not shine on a wall, you can discover, light can bring you a lot of good feeling.

Post time: 2019-12-21


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