Na te mau rave'a e te mau maitai o te reira i arata'i i te faito maramarama paari

Features and advantages of LED hard light bar:
1. Using high-quality and high-brightness LED as the light source, low power consumption, no heat, bright colors, long life.

2.DC24V DC input, IC constant current drive, energy saving more than 70%.

3. Using high light transmission PC cover, high color rendering index, restore the true color of items

4. High heat dissipation glue is potted inside the light bar, the power cord is waterproofed, and the heat dissipation is fast

5. A wide range of adaptation, the corresponding LED light bar can be used indoors and outdoors.

6. The installation and construction are convenient, but the disadvantage is that the LED hard light bar cannot be bent at will.

7. Adopt no harmful environmental substances, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection.

Compare with traditional lamps:
1. Compared with traditional lamps: traditional lamps contain harmful substances to the environment. Once the lamps are damaged, the harmful substances will pollute the atmosphere and the environment, and the recycling of lamps must pass through a special department, and cannot be discarded at will; and led The light bar does not contain harmful substances to the environment, and any manufacturer can recycle it, so that it is truly environmentally friendly.
2. Relative to traditional lamps: the light generated by traditional lamps will have a stroboscopic, and a stroboscopic will occur at about 100. Under such a light for a long time, it will hurt the eyes and greatly affect people’s vision. It is a DC input, so it will not cause stroboscopic, which will cause harm to human eyes, and will not produce any sound during use. The light generated is soft and the light is fast, which can protect the eyes in such an environment for a long time. jobs.
3. Relative to traditional lamps: I believe that people who have used traditional lamps will have this experience. I see many flying insects around the lamp, but the led lamp will not attract these mosquitoes

Post time: 2020-05-05

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